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Welcome to OTWU Entertainment

Our work is driven by everyday issues that we as a society experience. We view filmmaking as an art form through which we can express our thoughts. We have deep connections with all the work that we showcase, no matter the genre. Our network showcases many different productions through documentaries, reality series, scripted series, etc.

Devonta Mckinney 


Content Creator/Producer


The Creator of OTWU Entertainment


Ready to shoot? 

We can produce your project from start to finish! We will hire the perfect team to make your ideas reality! 


Have a movie idea?

We can write the script for you! Our writer, G'Nez has written a novel, multiply scripts and web series for many clients!


Have a script written Already? 

Chasing Destiny Casting Agency will get the right cast for your project! 

COntent Hosting 

Have content already?

We will host your content on our website and youtube channel!

All Videos

All Videos

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